Cologne, Germany


I'm Heinrich Rauh

I’m a product manager for digital products and Co-Founder of Planted. Currently, I am based in Cologne. However, I feel like a European growing up in Berlin and having lived in London (UK), Groningen (NL), Marseille (FR) and Linz (A). Well, actually Chennai (IN) as well.
Happy to help you if you have any question in regard to #nocode #agile #internationalization
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A little about me

Thanks for stopping by. For the past 3 years, I’ve managed developer & marketing teams building B2B SaaS Software.
Due to the current climate crisis I decided to put all my energy in building a sustainable non-for profit company - Planted.

I have an unwavering passion and energy for people and analytics, which has proven a valuable mix for creative solutions. I believe the best customer experiences come from genuine empathy and direct communication.

March 2021 – Current

Co-Founder & CPO @ Planted

Setting up the basis for our digital product. Developing the corporate design with LIT Create and deploying code with webflow, airtable & zapier.

Oh, why am I fighting the climate crisis? Well, because that´s the time left